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“My connection with Compass Medical has created a platform with layers of opportunities for my professional and personal development. I have embarked on a journey towards the future of medicine with a major focus on clinical excellence and delivering a quality healthcare system with the help of leadership and camaraderie provided by Compass Medical.”   


My Journey at Compass Medical

2010 | Compass Medical Physician

2012 | Compass Medical Shareholder

2013 | Compass Medical Board of Directors

2014 | Compass Medical IT Physician Champion




“Compass Medical has provided me with the opportunity for professional development under the guidance of respected physicians who focuses on delivering quality patient care.”


My Journey at Compass Medical

2014 | Compass Medical FNP


Dr. Mary Shoemaker

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"I am honored to be part of Compass Medical.  After taking a few years off from clinical practice to be home with my children, I re-entered medicine with a bit of trepidation about dealing with the electronic medical records, coding, and other paperwork issues that often dominate media coverage about doctor satisfaction.  What I found at Compass Medical, however, was a group of accomplished and dedicated doctors and staff who put patient care and the practice of medicine appropriately as their main focus.  There is collaboration among the various providers, many of whom spend their lunch hours to review cases together that require extra attention.  I am thrilled to be back practicing Internal Medicine, with the privilege and responsibility of caring for patients.  I am pleased to report that my worries about the hassles of paperwork have been greatly outweighed by the personal satisfaction I have from being part of the Compass team and providing quality medical care to a wonderful population of patients."


My Journey at Compass Medical

2015 | Compass Medical MD


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