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Compass Health Connection is a secure and free patient portal gateway that makes it easy for you to securely access portions of your health record and allows you to navigate and make informed decisions about your health from anywhere, at any time.

With Compass Health Connection, adult patients can: 


View detailed information about your upcoming and past appointments

Review your clinical visit summaries

View lab test results

View and download your Personal Health Record

Request prescription refills

Update personal demographic information


Compass Health Connection is constantly evolving and we are passionate about improving features and adding new functionality. Log in to Compass Health Connection regularly to see what’s new and access your health information on your time.

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Compass Health Connections FAQ's

How can Compass Health Connection assist me?

Compass Health Connection allows you to manage your personal health information online. As of right now, you will be able to:

  •  View detail information about your upcoming and past appointments
  •  Review your clinical visit summaries
  •  Review routine non-sensitive lab test results
  • Request prescription refills
  • Update demographic information

Compass Medical is passionate about bringing you additional features in the future such as appointment scheduling. We will notify you if and when additional features become available.

Who is eligible to use Compass Health Connection?

All Compass Patients ages 18 and over with a personal email account can utilize Compass Health Connection. At this time, Compass Health Connection does not offer accounts for children or young adults for security purposes. We are working hard to bring you additional features in the future.

How do I sign up for Compass Health Connection?

All Compass Medical patients who are eligible need to register in the office. No appointment is needed to register for Compass Health Connection. Patients will need to complete and electronically sign the ‘Terms and Conditions’ form provided by the office. A welcome e-mail will be sent to the patient with their temporary password within 72 hours.

Please check your spam folder if you have not received a welcome email within this time frame.

How long do I have to activate my account after signing the necessary forms?

If a patient does not activate their account online through Compass Health Connection within 30 days of receipt of their username and password, the account will be made inactive as a security measure. If this happens, please call the Compass Health Connection Help Line at 508-350-2509 for assistance.

What happens if I forget my username or password?

Your username should be your email address. If you forgot your password, please call the Compass Health Connection Help Line at 508-350-2509 for assistance.

Are there any reasons my account may be deactivated?

A Compass Health Connection account may be deactivated for a number of reasons:

  • A patient leaves the practice
  • A patient becomes deceased
  • If the patient has abused the use of the portal
  • Upon written request from the patient or adult/legal guardian, or by court order

What happens if I leave Compass Medical?

If you decide to leave Compass Medical, please notify your Primary Care Office and they will deactivate your account. You can also call the Compass Health Connection Help Line at 508-350-2509 for assistance.

I’ve locked myself out of my Compass Health Connection account. What should I do?

Your account will be locked after six incorrect log- in attempts. Please call the Compass Health Connection Help Line at 508-350-2509 to have a new password generated.

What if some of the information in my record is inaccurate?

If your personal information is incorrect: You can change your demographic information, such as your name, marital status, email address and contact information right from your Compass Health Connection account. Simply click on the "Personal Information" tab under "My Account" and submit changes to your information. You will receive an email from your Providers office verifying the changes have been accepted or denied for any reason.

If your medical information is incorrect (ie: list of medications or allergies): Please contact your Physician’s office and discuss your concerns with your Provider. You will need to fill out a Request For Amendment in Medical Record form in the event your medical information needs to be changed.

How will I know that my lab results are in?

When your lab results are ready to be viewed in your Compass Health Connection account, you will receive an email letting you know your routine lab results are available.

What is the general turnaround time for my lab results to show up in Compass Health Connection?

Deciding on a turnaround time for routine labs depends on a few factors such as the type of test/lab it is, where the results can be processed (in-house lab vs. being sent out) and how quickly can your Provider review your results.

Considering the above factors, your lab results will be available to you in your Compass Health Connection account anywhere from 4-14 days.

Will all lab and test results be available through my Compass Health Connection account?

At Compass Medical, we understand there are a number of labs that are sensitive in nature and therefore will not show up on your Compass Health Connection account. Please see the list below for the list of lab results that will not show up on Compass Health Connection.

  • HIV
  • GC
  • Chlamydia
  • Hepatitis C Antibody
  • HSV
  • RPR

If you are waiting for any of the above lab results to come in, please touch base with your PCP office directly via phone.

Compass Health Connection Help Line: 508-350-2509

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday: 8:30AM - 4:30PM | Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED


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